Two more test subjects

By | 2006/04/23

I picked up two new (new to me) machines this evening. Big wave over to Steve. He picked up a PIII from a BYU liquidation and later decided he didn’t need it so I picked it up. I guess it was a Buy 1 Get 1 sale because he threw in a PII as well. I’ll definitely find a use for these machines. The only question now is what to name them? So far my network names are based on shape/size or color. Already in the family:

  • Silverbox (silver case – Desktop)
  • Blackbox (black case – Desktop)
  • Whitebox (white case – Server)
  • Mirror (white case – Mirrors the Server)
  • Notebook (my emachines notebook)
  • Cat (the wife’s notebook)

I suppose I could come up with a new naming scheme.. or I’ll have to think of something to call these new machines. What does everyone else use to name their machines? I’ve heard of things ranging from animal names to cities.

These are both white. PIII and PII…

Hey Steve, did you have names for these? I suppose if I adopt a machine I could have the courtesy of keeping its given name. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Two more test subjects

  1. TuxGirl

    I only have 3 boxen at the moment, but I’ve been doing a theme with Egyptian mythology. I like the naming scheme in part because it scales well (i can get a lot of boxen before i run out of names (and if that happens, I can move on to another culture’s mythology)), it’s pretty fun, and you can learn a bit while naming your boxen. I would say that if you try something like that, you would probably want to be careful of not using two names that are too similar. For a while, I had Anubis and Osiris, but the names just kept getting confused, so I ended up renaming Osiris to Amon-Re, which works a lot better 🙂

  2. Steve

    Nope, I never named those two. I name mine after Willy Wonka characters though. Right now, I have charlie, veruca and mike. 🙂

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