Let’s have some suggestions

By | 2006/04/27

Continuing from a previous entry I’m trying to decide what to do with my driveless (is that a term?) notebook.  Its a decent machine (HP Pavillion ze1210) but the HDD recently crashed.  I’ve been running DSL 2.2b on it, but haven’t used it too much yet.  I’m not sure what the best use for it would be.

What suggestions does the wide world have?  Live-CD based router?  Firewall?  Email/Web console?  I hate to just let it sit here but I’m not sure what to use it for 🙂

Speaking of which I still need to put Orphan and Mini-Me to work as well.  Yes, I named the two new boxes..  I’d like something a little more exciting than a backup machine.  I’ve got two of those already.

One thought on “Let’s have some suggestions

  1. Aaron

    I would use it as a testing machine. You know, for stuff you would normally be afraid to try on your regular desktop. I would download DLS-N, and use that instead of DSL2.2b also. Just because there is a little more there, yet still small enough to be real snappy.

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