Darwin Award?

By | 2006/04/28

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the Darwin Awards.  People who show us why ‘survival of the fittest’ is as true as its ever been.  Well, I propose we put one together for the PC world.  I’m drawing a blank on appropriate names, but I nominate myself for this first prize.

My Desktop has been randomly locking up lately & I haven’t been sure why.  I was suspicious that it had something to do with testing Dapper Beta, but my two other machines running Dapper have no such problems.  I noticed today that the case was pretty warm so I thought I’d look into the heat.

Well, moron-that-I-am, I realized that when I replaced the fan on the heat sink I put it in upside down!  The fan has been sucking air off of the heatsink instead of what it should be doing.  Hmm, I wonder why its been getting warm?

I’m glad that it hasn’t done any permanent damage (none that I’m aware of).

At this point I’ve reversed the fan, drilled some holes in the case & I’m going to mount a large fan in the panel.  This thing is going to more closely resemble a wind tunnel than a PC when I’m done but it sure wont be locking up!

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