Window resizing and the web

By | 2006/05/27

I just wanted to vent about one of my biggest pet peeves in life.  This drives me crazier than just about anything else.  Worse than people who don’t use their blinker!

What makes me absolutely furious and instantly blacklists the site for all eternity is when a site tries to resize my browser window!  It should be illegal and the webmaster should recieve a brutal beating!  Leave my freakin’ browser window alone!

If anyone knows how to combat this in a firefox setting or plugin I would very much appreciate it.  I never want to see my browser resized again.

4 thoughts on “Window resizing and the web

  1. Gabriel Gunderson


    Edit > Preferences > Content > Enable JavaScript [Advanced…] > Move or resize existing windows.

    Try that.

  2. Gary

    Try this in Firefox:

    about:config, look for dom.disable_window_move_resize, set it to true

  3. LivingInX aka Grease

    I thought I was the only person with the pet peeve “Worse than people who dont use their blinker!”

    I just found your site tonight, and LOVE IT.

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