Monthly Archives: May 2006

Open Discussion Day

Well it’s really sneaked up on me but its time for Open Discussion Day. As of tomorrow I will be dropping the use of MSN & AIM Instant Messengers. It will be Jabber & IRC only from here on out. We invite everyone else to simply switch for the day. See how it works and… Read More »

GSpace firefox plugin

I’ve started playing with a new firefox plugin today called GSpace.  It allows you to use any gmail account as a remote storage box.  It does limit file sizes to 10M (the normal gmail attachment limit), but otherwise allows you to utilize the 2+G available. As I’m sure is commong with most gmail users I… Read More »

Still having issues with clamd

I’ve done a little continued testing with amavis + clamav and it looks like I’m having a slightly different error now. It seems that after a reboot the /var/run/clamav/clamd.ctl file is gone.  For whatever reason it is unable to recreate itself and it times out with “no such file”.  If I ‘touch clamd.ctl’ manually it… Read More »

Mail Servers

If anyone is using amavis + clamav on their mail server could you drop me a line?  I’m getting an error that I can not figure out–it doesn’t make any sense.  It’s the only thing holding me back from finishing this mail server. amavis[6116]: (06116-01) Clam Antivirus-clamd: Can’t connect to UNIX socket /var/run/clamav/clamd.ctl: Permission denied,… Read More »

Server Rebuild

I hate my webserver. I have spent this entire week restoring my stupid webserver.  I got it 95% up, got hacked by those Turkish @$$holes, started over and now I’m about done.  I was up until 2:00am last nite putting this crap back together.  I am so tired of working on this junk–it’s definitely more… Read More »