Vista : Top 5!

By | 2006/06/01

This post is in addition to my previous post on Vista and also in reply to Scott Morris‘ post “SUSE Linux has real security” over on Utah Open Source Planet.

I read Scott’s links on the Get ready for the Vista/SUSE smackdown!, Opinion: Why Windows Vista will suck and confirm seven times to delete something.

Let me share some of the gems that I found in my reading.

  1. An experienced MS-NBC reviewer,
    for example, said “Installing Vista Beta 2 was one of the worst
    operating system experiences that I’ve ever encountered.”
  2. that Vista doesn’t do well with Wi-Fi networking.
  3. To really do anything with Aero
    Glass, Microsoft says you’ll need a DirectX 9-compliant 3D 128-MB video
    card that supports Pixel Shader 2.0 in hardware and includes (WDDM
    (Windows Device Driver Model) driver. Practically speaking, that means
    you’ll need a 2006-vintage 3D graphics card.
  4. As unbelievable as it might seem,
    OpenSUSE actually seems to support more hardware than Vista does at
    this stage in its development. Linux having more hardware support than
    Windows — who says we don’t live in a time of miracles?!
  5. In the U.S. low-end edition of Vista, Vista Home Basic, for example, you can’t burn DVDs.

Although I’m an Ubuntu user I would use SUSE if Ubuntu weren’t an option. Of all the distros I’ve tried it is near the top of my list! Despite a lot of us using different distros I’m sure we can agree on one thing. Vista will suck.

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  1. Scott Morris

    Right on! Isn’t that absolutely amazing? Drops your jaw just a bit, doesn’t it!?

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