By | 2006/06/02

Today I decided to try out the Dvorak keyboard layout. From what I’ve read it sounds like it could improve my performance and help avoid in repetetive stress injuries, but we’ll see how that goes. I have decided to use Dvorak for the month of June and track my results. I will test myself and post results weekly on both platforms.

Current QWERTY: ~95wpm avg.

Current Dvorak: ~0

2 thoughts on “Dvorak

  1. Wade Berrier


    Did you ever get back up to your 95 qwerty speed?

    I was probably about that same speed on qwerty, but after almost 2 years, my average is still probably a little below that, and I still find I have to “think” more about typing.

    That being said, it’s MUCH more comfortable to type.

    Maybe I should practice more with gtypist as I’ve mostly trained with typeracer.com, but that doesn’t necessarily help you learn the whole keyboard and combinations.


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