YaST: You absolutely Sucky Thing

By | 2006/06/26

So I installed SUSE 10.1 on my machine to get some experience with some other distributions. If any of you SUSE people want to drop by with some comments (read: instructions on how to use it) I’d appreciate. So far my opinion on suse (mainly with YaST): This sucks.

I setup three ‘installation sources’ per some instructions from Scott Morris. They are the following:


These are all set as ‘Status: on’ and ‘Refresh: on’. Now I know I should see some updates after a bare install from adding those sources. The little globe-deal in the status bar tells me that I’ve got ‘no updates available’.

Now the last time I tried to update those sources it gave me some error about not being able to kill zmd? Did I read somewhere that zmd was something new & caused issues? Also, if I go in & select a new package to install YaST just crashes. I’m honestly a little surprised that (unless its just me) that a release like 10.1 (version 10 should be mature) is having this many problems.

Last time I tried SUSE I felt it was #2 on my list of preferred distros. After this experience it has definitely dropped out of that spot. A little help?

2 thoughts on “YaST: You absolutely Sucky Thing

  1. Beren

    I can’t offer a solution, but I can join you in saying that YaST is a complete load of tosh. I’ve got the exact same problem. No matter what I do, even if I type “yast online_update http://url…” – it still says “No Updates” BAH. – Please can someone who’s got around this help us out?

  2. Beren

    Found a solution…

    You have to register your machine before you can get updates.

    Go to Yast > Software > Novell Customer Center Configuration and follow the steps. I’m currently download 226 updates!!

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