IE: A whole new internet

By | 2006/06/30

Last night I was at my brother-in-laws house babysitting the nephews and was stuck using their XP machine (yes, I disinfected afterwards). This thing was a mess! It had no antivirus installed, no malware protection/removal tools and was using IE6. I very reluctantly used it (honestly, I was afraid to “click the blue E”!)

Anyway, I browsed to many of my usual sites and found that the internet looks very different. For one thing the UOSP errors out. It loads the page but soon gives the error: (again, page loads just fine, but you get the error and clicking OK redirects you to the “I can’t find this page” error.)

"Internet Explorer could not open internet site

Operation failed"

I also noticed that my blogs look much different. I always test my client websites in both FF & IE, but I never bothered with my own. I don’t really care. For those of you browsing my site in IE please note that things look better in FF and “WHY ARE YOU STILL USING CRACK?”

Get Firefox!

3 thoughts on “IE: A whole new internet

  1. Kenneth Burgener

    Internet Explorer and Utah Open Source Planet are NOT compatible. And when I say not compatible I do not mean as in “browser compatibility”. Utah Open Source Planet openly chooses to terminate Internet Explorer with extreme prejudice.

  2. Jordy

    My site has a sweet GetFireFox plugin. If you visit it in IE it puts an information bar right at the top that basically says “IE sucks, download a real browser here.” Funs stuff.

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