I'm a Flockstar!

By | 2006/07/21

I recently posted about using the new Flock browser and recieved some great supporting comments from readers. It seems everyone that uses it really likes it. It is feature rich, clean, stylish and fast. So far there is nothing that I don’t like about Flock.

I do have a question though. It seems that all things Flock default to Yahoo. Why? Everyone knows Google is the soon-to-be ruling power of the known universe. Shouldn’t we appease the search Gods and use the Google engine? I know I can change the settings to default to Google, I’m just wondering if anyone knows why they decided to support Yahoo.

2 thoughts on “I'm a Flockstar!

  1. matt

    I’m assumming they are using yahoo because yahoo is paying them.

    One of the flock developers was on my flight at OSCON last year and said their business plan was to make money from search engines. (Makes sense because firefox has recieved millions from google for that little “G” logo you see in the upper right…)

  2. Hans Fugal

    Indeed, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to deduce that Yahoo! must be paying them. Let’s look at the facts:

    A) Google is more popular, esp. among the OSS crowd, which is part of Flock’s target.
    B) Yahoo! likes all this social networking jazz.

    It follows from A & B that Yahoo! is paying Flock to promote it.

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