Microsoft: We won’t be evil, either

By | 2006/07/21

Microsoft: We won’t be evil, either by ZDNet‘s Ed Burnette — Microsoft has outlined a new corporate philosophy of competition that could be summed up in these familiar words: “Don’t be evil”. While speaking at the New America Foundation luncheon, Brad Smith, the general counsel of Microsoft outlined the “Windows Principles”: Twelve tenets that will govern Microsoft’s approach to competition in the future, even after the US anti-trust ruling expires next year.

This brings two things to mind.  First, I don’t believe a word that comes from anyone at Microsoft.  The trail of bodies they’ve left behind tells far more than some guy saying they want to be good people.

Secondly, if this is true… wait, in no world I can comprehend can Microsoft be 1) innovative, 2) transparent & honest, 3) provide opportunities for competition.