New Car Buying: Volkswagen Jetta

By | 2006/07/27

I know this post is way off normal topic but I’m hunting for some feedback. I hate new-car shopping whether it be thru a dealer or private party, but I find myself in the market again. If anyone has good experiences, feedback, tips, tricks, etc I would appreciate some advice.

Currently we’re considering a Volkswagen Jetta. Now, yes, I have owned a Volkswagen before. Two actually. Yes, they did tend to require regular maintenance. Both of these were older model cars though. The first a ’79 diesel rabbit (you can imagine my high school popularity) and the second, a ’92 Fox with front-end damage I got for $200.

Does anyone own a later model Volkswagen? 2000+? Are these any better? I’d love to get some real-world feedback on a later model VW, Jettas in particular. Let the flood of comments begin..

3 thoughts on “New Car Buying: Volkswagen Jetta

  1. Aaron

    I can’t say enough good things about Toyotas. I too am in the market for a new car, and will be purchasing one within the next couple of weeks. I will be purchasing my car, as I always have, from Tony Davino Toyota in Riverdale. Sure, it is up by Ogden, a good distance away from Orem, but the service is spectacular, and the product top quality. Just my $.02. 🙂

  2. Steve Dibb

    I just bought a new car about a month ago. I’m not the best person to ask because I just bought what I liked looked cool. 🙂

    I’ll say this much though — it’s worth shopping around to get a no interest loan. Mine’s for six years. Woots. 🙂

  3. Tristan Rhodes

    I have to agree that Toyotas have always treated me right, and lasting forever.

    However, my next car will probably be a Suburu Outback for my wife. She really wants AWD for the snow, and we like the extra storage space in the back of an Outback. They are very common in this area, so they must be doing something right.

    We went through a VW Passat phase, which we thought looked cool and had AWD. We are over that now.

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