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By | 2006/07/29

Out of curiosity I googled myself tonight to see what wonders I might find. I was surprised at how many mentions of myself come up. I am directly connected with almost every result for three pages. One that surprised me however was for the AllTray July 6, 2006 changelog:

Jul 6, 2006: Jochen Baier <[email protected]>
- added "Stop" to the xmms menu. requested by me ;)
- get the gnome theme file by reading "XDG_DATA_DIRS". usefull if gnome is not installed in "/usr..." bug reported by Laurent Hilsz
- fixed shortcut bug. report and patch from Travis Hartwell
- fixed segfault which occur if apps where closed with "FILE->QUIT"
- fixed tooltip location with 2 panels on top. reported by Christer Edwards

- set version 0.69

You see everyone. There really is glory in submitting bugs back to developers!

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