My Voting Experience

By | 2006/11/07

I see that there are a number of posts today concerning voting. I hate to completely overkill the topic but I wanted to share my thoughts on the current voting situation.

  1. I voted. I voted for Pete Ashdown. I’m proud of it.
  2. The voting machines were quick, but after watching the “Hacking The Vote” documentary I was cautious.
  3. Someone screwed up my registration and me and my wife were sent away to another district to vote. Although we clearly lived within the boundaries they told us “you’re registered somewhere else, you need to go there”.
  4. At both districts I heard the volunteers talking about issues they’ve had with the voting machines.

Protect Internet FreedomIf you haven’t seen the Hack The Vote documentary about the DIEBOLD machines I really suggest taking a look. Also, if you haven’t voted GO VOTE. If you don’t vote I don’t want to hear a word from you about ANY political issue. You have the chance to voice your opinion. That chance is today. Use it!

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