Tomboy 0.5.0 Released Today (deb package available) : Ubuntu (6.10)

By | 2006/11/16

EDIT: .deb package available at link below release notes. use at your own risk.

Tomboy 0.5.0 was released this afternoon. It is a great little app for tracking notes, TODO lists, etc. I have been using it since it was included in Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) and really like the way it lets me organize the (many) things I have to do. Tomboy 0.5.0 release notes:

Version 0.5.0
* New note pinning in main menu.
* New integrated table of contents and search.
* New find bar for searching inside a single note.
* New Bugzilla plugin (David Trowbridge).
* New Tomboy icons (Jakub Steiner).
* Timestamped logging to ~/.tomboy.log.
* Export to HTML now uses Gtk.FileChooserDialog.
* Number of notes in main menu configurable in GConf.
* Removed old gtk-sharp dependency, uses gtk-sharp2 now.

I did create a .deb package for this release. If you’re brave and are willing to try an outside .deb package you can download it here: Tomboy 0.5.0 for Ubuntu.

Of course any program related bugs should be reported upstream to the developers. Only issues related to the .deb itself would come to me, but I make no guarantees about the product or package.

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