How to install Iceweasel : Ubuntu (6.06.1 / 6.10)

By | 2006/11/25

Many of you probably remember the recent debate concerning Debian vs Firefox and the trademark issues. The last that I’ve heard it sounds like Ubuntu is going to honor the Firefox trademark and continue to include Firefox, but I’m unsure the status on Debian.

In any event I have put together a few quick steps to installing Iceweasel for anyone that would like to try the new browser, or would prefer it over the trademarked Firefox. (Note: This comes from a pre-release and non-supported repository. Use at your own risk!)

Install Iceweasel on Ubuntu

This will take you directly to the .deb file. Your browser should ask you if you’d like to open this with the GDebi Package Installer. Select “Open with…” and the Package Installer will take you through the installation.

You can also “Save As..” and save the file to your local machine. After the download has finished you can install it two ways:

  1. Double-click the file which should open it with GDebi Package Installer (or “open with…” and open with the GDebi Package Installer) OR
  2. Launch a terminal and use the command:

sudo dpkg -i iceweasel_1.5.0.8pre-2.deb

At this point you should have Iceweasel available within “Applications > Internet > Iceweasel”. Enjoy! (note: from what I can tell this version is still based on the pre-Firefox 2 engine.)

Remove Iceweasel on Ubuntu
To remove Iceweasel simply run:

sudo aptitude remove iceweasel

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4 thoughts on “How to install Iceweasel : Ubuntu (6.06.1 / 6.10)

  1. Aaron

    Debian has already uploaded IceWeasel to Sid, and for those running Sid, and doing an update, IceWeasel has replaced Firefox.

    IceWeasel will also be in Feisty as well as Firefox. Firefox will be the default, but IceWeasel as an option for those who want it.


  2. Ubuntu Tutorials

    Thanks for the update on the status.

    I have IceWeasel installed on my machine but I haven’t got in the habit of using it yet. Still deciding where I stand on the whole thing I guess..

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  4. sieste

    Troubel with iceweasel. I follow the tutorials, and i have this bug :”/usr/lib/iceweasel/iceweasel-bin: 1: Syntax error: “(” unexpected
    “. I’m running ubuntu on a ibook.

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