How to include "My Computer” or “My Documents” icon on your Desktop : Ubuntu (5.10 / 6.06.1 / 6.10)

By | 2006/12/07

Today’s tutorial will be a quicky. I was thinking earlier about how the default gnome menu doesn’t include any icons. For those of you that recently came from the wonderful world of windows you might prefer to have quick access to “My Computer”, “My Documents” and “Trash” right there on the desktop. This tutorial will outline how to have those icons included (or removed).

  1. Hit ALT-F2 and type: gconf-editor
  2. Select “Apps” > “Nautilus” > “Desktop”
  3. check/uncheck the boxes for computer_icon_visible, documents_icon_visible, or trash_icon_visible.

You should now see “My Computer” “My Documents” and “Trash” icons included on your desktop. Simply reverse these steps to remove any of the items.

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5 thoughts on “How to include "My Computer” or “My Documents” icon on your Desktop : Ubuntu (5.10 / 6.06.1 / 6.10)

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  2. Thabet

    Thanks for your nice tip. I tried it on Ubuntu 8.04 and it works, except My documents. It is not present for selection under ‘Nautilus’.

    I started googling and found this tip, when ‘Documents’ icon has disappeared from ‘Places’ and I needed to get it back. The problem solved later when I went to Places–> Home Folder –> Then dragged & dropped ‘Documents’ folder from the right panel to the left side.

    I will keep an eye on your site and wish to find a tip about:

    1- Which keyboard short cut to view the desk top or other applications.
    2- Creating your own keyboard short cuts.

  3. Kira Adam

    Hi thank you very much but i use kubuntu 6.10i38 and that didn’t work how i can include my computer

  4. Jeroen

    In ubuntu 10.4 “documents” is replaced by “home”

  5. maruthi

    Thnx for the userful tip.. how ever i have one more question …. i dont see any kind of paritions as we see them in windows… like C drive .. D drive… etc…. so could you also let me know how to see them?

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