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By | 2006/12/22

Based on much of your feedback I’ve submitted the Ubuntu Tutorial blog to the Ubuntu Planet. I have been an Ubuntu Member for almost a year now and I haven’t felt that my blog has been up to par for that level of syndication. Well, many of you have given me some great feedback and given me the confidence to make the plunge and submit to the Planet. I hope I’m able to continue with good content and keep moving in a positive direction.

My main goal is to try and educate as many people as I can on how to maximize their Ubuntu desktop, laptops or servers. Some of the content is similar to what you might find on the forums, but my focus is to compile these into regular tutorials and make them simple for anyone to follow.

As always, if you have comments or improvements to offer based on the topics please leave comments. Ubuntu will continue to become a major player if we can educate the public. This is my goal.

See you back here soon for another Tutorial tomorrow. One a day is the goal–it keeps me on my toes.

8 thoughts on “Ubuntu Tutorials – Giving The Planet A Spin

  1. Matthew East

    Hi, if you’re interested in documentation, please consider contributing directly to the Ubuntu documentation at https://help.ubuntu.com/community. It’s great to have someone interested in this, but it’s a real shame if users have to search through several sites to find the right answer.

    Some details about how to get involves are found here: http://www.mdke.org/?p=67

    Contact me if I can help at all!

  2. hombrelobo

    Your website has helped me to start using Ubuntu …. right now I am using it and I am delighted. SO thanks for that !!!

  3. isagani

    Great site. Topnotch. Good thing you’ve moved to the planet. This is the first time I saw this site.

  4. Ubuntu Tutorials

    hombrelobo – you don’t know how happy that makes me. If you need *anything* feel free to use my contact information and drop me a line.

    isagani – thank you for the support.

  5. Carthik

    Welcome to the Planet – mdke has a point about helping develop documentation, but really, I think no effort in publicising or promoting Ubuntu is wasted 🙂

  6. Ubuntu Tutorials

    Carthik – I agree with you there. I’m willing to donate effort there as well, but right now I’m just doing the best I can to publicize and educate.

    thanks for the support.

  7. Matthew East

    Just following up Carthik’s post – an idea to allow the Ubuntu documentation to benefit from the great material you’re posting here but to retain the publicity factor would be to create the material directly on the Ubuntu community documentation wiki (https://help.ubuntu.com/community), or if it already exists, add your improvements, and then blog with a link to that page. That way readers of the blog will get to know the Ubuntu documentation resources better and you’ll be contributing fantastic material to documentation which can more effectively filter down into the system documentation. Right now, it’s a shame that this material has no way of ending up in the Ubuntu system documentation.

    If you’re wondering why I’m plugging integration with existing Ubuntu documentation projects, I’ve explained the reasons better in a previous blog post: http://www.mdke.org/?p=13. Have a read, maybe it will convince you, maybe not.

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