Antivirus on Ubuntu with Avast! : Ubuntu (6.06.1 / 6.10)

By | 2006/12/27

Back when I was a windows user it was a constant struggle to keep ahead of the horde of viruses and malware dead-set on exterminating my computing existence. I tried many programs, from McAfee to Symantec, from FreeAVG to Avast! There are dozens of options available for the windows crowd. Luckily, as Linux users it isn’t something that we need to worry about very much.

Despite the very low number of viruses existing for Linux there are still antivirus solutions for Linux. One of them (which just happened to be my favorite Windows client) is Avast! Now, why would I bother installing antivirus on my Linux machine if viruses are a non-threat? Well, do you ever communicate with Windows based machines? I’d be surprised if none of us ever come into contact (via email, IM, file-sharing, etc) with a Windows machine. Having said that how many of these machines would you say are infected? My guess is more often than not is a Windows machine infected with some sort of malware.

So, in an attempt to keep the network clean and make sure we’re not passing on infection it wouldn’t hurt to occasionally scan our machines. This would go double for any Linux machine that acts as a server (email or IM especially!)

To install Avast! for Linux simply visit the Avast for Linux download page and download the Avast debian file. After downloading this file you can double-click to install or use the following command within the terminal:

sudo dpkg -i avast4workstation*.deb

Once this is installed you can run the program by doing:

ALT-F2 : avastgui

Avast! is free for home use but you do need a registration key that is valid for one year. It only takes a few minutes to generate a home license registration and you will be prompted to do so when you first start the program.

At this point you now have (optional) antivirus on your Ubuntu machine to scan for all that nasty malware out in the wild. Do your part here and there to protect your neighbors. If they aren’t quite ready for Linux yet the least we can do is fight-crime (so to speak) in our virus-proof vests.

19 thoughts on “Antivirus on Ubuntu with Avast! : Ubuntu (6.06.1 / 6.10)

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  4. JesusChristVampire

    why would I want to use a closed source program on my linux box especially for security? Why would I want a closed source program scanning my drives? No thank you, I’ll stick with ClamAV. Closed source is (generally) where the problems begin when you can’t see the code.

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  9. trents

    Does Avast for linux offer real time protection or just the ability to do a manual scan?

  10. Howard

    I am new to Ubuntu. I installed and ran Avast Anti-Virus, but it could not scan anything because it did not have permissions. How do I enable permissions?

    comments to [email protected]

  11. Tim

    I’m new to Linux/Ubuntu as well. Trying very hard to wean myself off the dominate OS. Thank you so much for the help I found here. I think I’m gonna make it after all!

  12. leorolim

    My Windows XP got nuked by some shitty virus….

    I need my Ubuntu jacked up with an AV to try and save my poor sick Windows….

    Hope Avast can do it…

    P.S. Tell me it hasn’t that mp3 player skin….

  13. me09

    hello people.I am using avast for a long time and i can tell you that I consider it the best antivirus.It is on the fourth place in top ten best antivirus where I could find also a review of it
    good luck

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