Installing and using Bitlbee – IRC gateway : Ubuntu (6.10)

By | 2007/01/14

I’ve been tinkering more and more lately with irssi (tutorial coming up) as an IRC client and I recently also installed Bitlbee to allow gateway connections to outside IM protocols.  Now, I can use my single IRC client to also connect to jabber, msn, etc and don’t need two clients.

Yes, I know there are clients out there that do this, like gaim.  I’ve been using gaim for quite a long time but I think I am leaning now toward irssi as my full-time client.  I’ll outline why in a future post, but this morning I wanted to outline installing and using Bitlbee gateway on an ubuntu machine.

In the interest of time I’m just going to link today to the writeup I did on the Ubuntu Community Docs.  Check it out here.  Comments and suggestions, as usual, are welcome here.

5 thoughts on “Installing and using Bitlbee – IRC gateway : Ubuntu (6.10)

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  2. Tyrone Slothrop

    I just tried to set this up and everything appeared to work, yet I get connection refused when I try to connect.

    Any help?

  3. Tyrone Slothrop

    ok, it’s official. I’m a moron. I didn’t have a curly brace on its own line. Eveyrthing works now.


    Thanks for helping morons like me worldwide.

  4. Turistu


    anyone can help me ?

    its is posible to send msg to group on bitlbee – yahoo messenger?

    Thank You

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