6 thoughts on “the Ubuntu Linux Bible : CD-ROM Included

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    no se ingles pero lo que quiero es obtener una copis de lunux ubuntu, soy tecnico en ensamble y mto de pc vivo en colombia mi direcion es calle 64d n. 104- 26 bogota gracias

  3. steve robinson

    The disk included with the book does not seem to match the text!. See page 37, where we are instructed to use System>Administration>Disks. Unfortunately the version of Desktop Ubuntu provided does not have a Disks menu item, so we can never get to a Disks Manager screen like Figure 2.13 on page 38!

    Perhaps it would actually work if one were to install Ubuntu on the HD, but I’m not likely to do that until I see that the Desktop Version works properly.

  4. Niels Larsen

    Jeg troede det var en rigtig bibel.

    Bare bland sprogene sammen, hulter til bulter – lidt spansk og lidt dansk og mest engelsk

  5. Gordon von Miller

    Well, it’s there but it is HIDDEN.
    Go to

    It took me awhile but that takes you to the hardware manager. Crazy.


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