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By | 2007/02/04

I am hoping that some of you Launchpad users / gurus can shed some light for me on the best use of Launchpad. I would like to do more bug work but I can’t seem to follow the use of the system well enough. Here are some of my issues / concerns.

  1. Subscribing to submitted bugs. I have the hardest time keeping up on my submitted bugs because I find that I’m not automagically subscribed to them upon submital. This makes it difficult to provide additional information because I’m not notified on those requests. Is there a way to make sure I’m subscribed to my own bugs?
  2. Notifications on random bugs. I’ve noticed that ever since I became an Ubuntu Member I am bombarded with bug tickets. Bugs and issues that I’ve never heard of, subscribed to or commented on. This is one issue that makes it very difficult for me to create and manage my own submissions because I then have to find them in a see of others. Can someone tell me how I can stop getting bug notifications that I’m not subscribed to?

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  1. James Stansell

    I submitted a bug recently and was surprised to be automatically subscribed to it. Maybe it’s a recent change?

    As for receiving all bug messages, I’m not positive but it looks to me like all ubuntu members are automatically subscribed to all bugs via their group membership.

  2. William Grant

    1) I use Launchpad an enormous amount each day, I can assure you that you are automatically subscribed to all reported bugs, as has always been the case.

    2) The ubuntumembers team isn’t subscribed to anything that would get you bugmail. The only team you are a member of which is likely to get bugmail is ubuntu-wiki, which is a member of ubuntu-doc, which is a bug contact for (k)ubuntu-docs

  3. mpt

    In addition to what William Grant said:

    * Currently, the only way you can not be notified about a bug you reported is by explicitly unsubscribing from it after reporting it. If you can find any other way to not be notified, please report it as a bug. (Eventually we’ll have things like a holiday mode to temporarily turn off all notifications, but there’s nothing like that yet.)

    * You are a member of the Ubuntu Laptop Team team, which is assigned to 17 bugs and subscribed to 213, all of which you’ll receive notifications about. If you don’t like this, lobby the other team members for a change in policy so that people stop assigning/subscribing the entire team to bug reports. (As a last resort, you could leave the team.)

    * I don’t know why, but often bugs are reported on the ubuntu-docs product that should have been reported on some Ubuntu package. Currently it isn’t possible to retarget a bug report from a product to a package (bug 80902), so these bugs end up Rejected in ubuntu-docs while being worked on in Ubuntu. But Launchpad still sends mail to the bug contacts even when a bug is Rejected (bug 83488), so as a member of the Ubuntu Wiki Team team which is a member of the Ubuntu Documentation Project team which is bug contact for ubuntu-docs, you’ll receive mail about all these seemingly-irrelevant bugs. The possible solutions are, in order: (1) lobby the leaders of the Ubuntu Documentation Project team to not have the entire team as a bug contact for ubuntu-docs; (2) lobby the leaders of the Ubuntu Wiki Team team to leave the Ubuntu Documentation Project team; or (3) leave the Ubuntu Wiki Team team yourself.

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