Firefox Extension Bounty : $50

By | 2007/02/07

UPDATE: Jeremy pointed out that what I need is not a plugin but an extension (and there is a difference!).  If that changes anyone’s mind just drop me a note.

I’ve been sitting on the idea for a Firefox extension for a while now and I realize I just don’t have the time to do it. If you’re interested in helping me realize this extension I’ve set aside a nice shiny $50 for someone who wants to jump on it. Please email me for details if you’re interested (see contact page).

3 thoughts on “Firefox Extension Bounty : $50

  1. ubuntu tutorials

    My mistake, it should be an extension. I’ll update the post. Anyone still interested please let me know.

  2. scorpioxy

    Maybe you can share the general idea of the extension before we ask for details. And will it be open source?

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