The Switch To KDE : Day 1

By | 2007/02/19

First I want to say thank you to all the people that offered comments and feedback on making the switch to KDE.  I have read each one and I have been checking out the suggested apps.  Thank you for all the suggestions–it sure is making this trial a bit easier.  Below are some of my initial feelings, thoughts and not-yet-resolved issues.

  1. Kmail does work with Exchange using the disconnected IMAP option.  Thanks to Lure for that tip.
  2. Akregator is very nice.  I think it was a stupid idea to remove RSS from Evolution so I’m glad this app is integrated or standalone.
  3. Konquerer is very clean and quick but it doesn’t work with my companies CMS.  For some reason it isn’t submitting form data (??).  I am back to Firefox at this point.
  4. Katapult is pretty cool so far and I’m getting in the habit of using that a lot.
  5. Kgpg is working well for my gpg keys no problem.
  6. I have installed basKet but I haven’t had time to play with it yet.  It sounds like it could be a good replacement for Tomboy that I used in gnome.

So far I can’t think of anything that I haven’t been able to do.. it’s just been a little stressful in production trying to find the right app for the right job in the least amount of time.

I’ll keep posting some of my findings here.  Thanks again for all of the suggestions so far!

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11 thoughts on “The Switch To KDE : Day 1

  1. wyth

    I’d agree with Abhinay that for a good overall experience, it’s important to take 5 minutes to tweak the interface. It can easily be made to look more polished and professional. If you’re using Kubuntu, the default look is a little too blocky and too electric blue. Polyester and Plastik are both slim unobtrusive windows decorations, and NuoveXT makes for a fantastic icon set. After all, if you’re working with something for a long time, you want it to be easy on the eyes.

    I’ve got some screenshots with a home-rolled color theme showing this:

  2. Caesium

    Am a new Linux desktop user and found this rather user friendly.

    Right click on Pager -> Confugure Desktop -> Enable Mouse Wheel Over Desktop …

    Now you can just use the mouse scroll button to switch virtual desktop in place of the GNOME Ctrl-Alt_Arrow (i guess 🙂


  3. jbace

    I’ve had some similar problems with Konqueror. It actually turned out to be a browser specific javascript issue. Try changing browser identification (in the “Tools” menu) for that particular site. No guarantees it’ll work in your case, though.

  4. Nick

    I’m glad it’s working for you–mostly, at any rate.

    In case you haven’t discovered–you can move from item to item in Akregator by using the right-arrow key. One would expect the down arrow (or the spacebar), but that’s the one.

    BTW, you’ve got a typo above: “my companies CMS”.

  5. Zerlinna

    If you want to use basket, make sure you use version 1.0, you’ll see it’s really impressive.


  6. Børre Gaup

    The issue with your companys CMS could be caused by the way Konqueror handles cookies, or Konqurors default javascript rules. Go to Settings->Setup Konqueror and have a look at the cookies and java/javascript settings.

  7. Ralesk

    Re #6: Or perhaps it dumbly checks for MSIE or Mozilla and has no idea about “Konqueror” — Christer, you could try to see if a fake User Agent string helps; it certainly does for GMail.

    Glad KMail works for you — however, for IMAP you might want to give Mailody a spin.

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