The Switch To KDE : Day 2

By | 2007/02/20

Well I’m coming to the close of a second day now with KDE. I have to say that this second day wasn’t quite as pleasant as the first. I don’t know if it is simlpy a big work load that is causing me stress but I am getting frustrated in not being able to get as much done as I want. That is not to say it is a fault of KDE, just a lack of my familiarity with it. With that I have a few questions for the group on solving a few of my current issues.

  1. Is there a way to make links clickable within konsole? In gnome-terminal I could ctrl-click a link and it would open. So far the best I have found is copy / paste.
  2. Kmail auto-check email. Now this might be a stupid thing here but it took me a while to find the ‘enable interval mail checking’ to check for me. Could that be a bit more straight forward or even on by default?
  3. Reply to email placement in Kmail. When I click reply to an email it places my reply at the bottom. I know this is suggested policy for mailing lists but for day-to-day personal mail I prefer it at the top. Can this me changed?
  4. I have installed Kompose. Any tips on using this for efficiency or is it just fun?
  5. System Settings (observation). Anyone else notice this looks very much like OSX? Thought that was interesting.

Also, to add fuel to my fire here I got greedy and upgraded to Feisty. It is stable and I have no trouble so far BUT my wireless (normally using bcm43xx-fwcutter) does not work. It works fine in Edgy & Dapper. Anyone know anything about a change here? A fix perhaps?

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  1. Ralesk

    In Configure KMail, Composer, Templates, select Reply To Sender, and move %CURSOR to your taste 🙂 Same for Reply to All.

  2. Marcus

    For Kmail ‘top replying’, go to Settings>ConfigureKMail>Composer>Templates aand edit the templates (Reply-to-Sender) by moving the ‘%CURSOR’ tag to the top.

  3. Vladimir Dergachev

    As for konsole, try enabling actions in klipper (clipboard tool) and highlighting the URL.

  4. Amanda

    Quote: “Also, to add fuel to my fire here I got greedy and upgraded to Feisty.”
    I’ve been putting that move off, waiting for the official release. If it’s messed up now, you won’t be giving KDE a fair go, and your experiment will have been a waste of time.

  5. Robert Knight

    > Is there a way to make
    > links clickable within konsole?

    Right click on the clipboard icon in the taskbar and tick “Enable Actions”. Then select a URL in Konsole with the left mouse and a menu will popup which lets you choose various actions, including opening the URL in a browser.

    Not very intuitive I know, but it is possible.

  6. anon

    Clickable links in Konsole are not implemented yet for some reason, even though a bug has been opened for this request / feature since 2001!

    The good news is that this is going to be implemented in KDE4, but for now it’s Gnome +1 for this specific feature.

  7. Jakob Petsovits

    Ad 1. I believe clicking links is not possible in Konsole at the moment. On the other hand, Konsole’s maintainer Robert Knight is currently _very_ active, so if you submit a wish on the chances are good to get it included in future releases.

    But! There’s a cool workaround, for which you need Klipper running somewhere (which is running by default anyways in KDE). Click on Klipper’s tray (or applet) symbol and enable the “Actions Enabled” options, and whenever you select a link starting with http:// you’ll get a popup menu with a list of apps to open that link with.

    Ad 4. Well, Komposé is just an Exposé-Clone for systems that don’t have Compositing available. It’s pretty much “I prefer Exposé-like task switchers” or “I prefer Alt-Tab task switchers”. What I configured though is disabling “Passive screenshots” (so Komposé always displays the current window contents) and setting the Komposé-invoking screen corner to top-left, as top-right already holds the maximized windows’ close button.

    Ad 5. Yes, I noticed. On the other hand, this is not a big surprise as its original author, Benjamin Meyer, has a strong Mac background. And why not reuse good ideas?

  8. fred

    Hi, for clickable link in Konsole, yes it has not been implemented. But I usually block the link text in Konsole (either by double clicking the link, or manually blocking them), then Klipper will automatically pop up from the Kicker offering you several actions (e.g. opening in Konqueror, Firefox, mailing the link, etc). IIRC you need to enable actions in Klipper (Actions Enabled). Sometimes its annoying, but most of the time I find it very useful.

    Also a feature that you might want to know is when you block a text which contains an url but doesn’t provide the link, then right click, Konqueror will offer you to open that without copying + pasting the link.

  9. Victor Luis

    Do you change THEME PREFERENCES?
    Do you try new theme on KDE-Look?

  10. nixternal

    Had to take a second and come on over here and tell you Christer that KDE rocks your socks off, don’t lie to us 🙂 HAHA, OK joking out of the way.

    Ya, the links in Konsole trick for the 3.5.x series is to use Klipper, which I have gotten so used to because of its functionality.

    Keep up this good work man, you just might make me do the GNOME switch for an hour or two 🙂 OK, maybe a month, but after the Feisty release, I have to much work to do right now.

  11. ion

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  12. ömer

    With the lastest version of bcm43xx-fwcutter you can extract newest fw and using -w /lib/firmware paramatre you can copy them to where they needs to be to work

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  14. nathan

    I have found that after I added virtual desktops to OS X via Desktop Manager, I stopped having a need for Compose.Then when I made the full switch to linux, and virtual desktops were included by default, I found that Kompose was just a toy.

  15. George

    I suggest you try some eye-candy also.
    Right click on a title bad –> configure window behaviour –> translucency –> enable. Enjoy increased productivity! (needs x composite extension I think).
    Also, try other window setting,like putting more spaces between minimise/maximise/close buttons so you can hit them easier , you can even put a shading button up there if you use that often 🙂 .
    Must-try: Amarok’s Global Shortcuts. This is a killer feature that I can’t live without for quite some times.It saved precious ours of my life so far.
    Also,for switching desktops and moving windows to other desktops I’d reccomend you to try Kcontrol’s keyboard shortcuts. Those can save quite a lot of your time 😉 .
    About adept … I find it faster to use since to search a package you need much less effort , and you can filter your packets with additional quick filters (or others..) very fast. Gets the job done quick 🙂 .
    Amarok: if you have a really large collection , I’d recommend you to try to install a mysql server and make a user/database for amarok,and submit them in amarok’s settings. Organising you collection will be much faster . (sqlite-default db manager- is slower than mysql for large collections).
    Oh…and don’t forget about the shortcuts I’ve been bugging you about :)) .

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  17. Dream_Team

    The OSXish preference window is only for kubuntu, the other distros doesn’t have it like that, neither has the main KDE branch.

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