LoCo Fever is Spreading!

By | 2007/02/25

It looks like all of those posts to the planet concerning LoCo teams have found their way into my brain and taken over control of my body.  Err, I mean, uhm.. you get the idea.

I want to add my +1 to the call for volunteers for LoCo Docs day (March 3).  I know all of you are inspired by Ubuntu and want to give back to the community.  We all do.  One of the best ways to do that is help spread localized support through building and working with LoCo teams.

If you currently are not part of a LoCo Team I urge you to consider becoming active.  All you need is a love for Ubuntu.  You don’t need to have advanced programming skills, any kind of certs or recognition.  Team building is simply about working with people and spreading Ubuntu as best we can.  To see a list of LoCo teams and find one in your area see below:

Full List of Teams Worldwide

US Teams (I have to put in my pitch here, its one of my pet projects)

Again, we need your support to better build the Ubuntu community around the world.  Whether you’re in a small town in the US or part of a thriving international city we need your help!  Please come hang out with us on LoCo Docs day and share your local community building experiences.

Find us in #ubuntu-locoteams on IRC anytime, day or night, especially March 3rd.  You can also find us, for US specific teams in #ubuntu-us.  I’m always in there.

I hope to see as many of you there as possible.  If you appreciate Ubuntu and want to be able to contribute back in some small way this can be a fantastic start!

Who is the LoCo fever going to hit next? Spread the word!

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