Call For Papers – Utah Open Source Conference

By | 2007/03/07

Utah Open Source Conference 2007: The Convergence…

September 6-8, 2007 – West Valley Cultural Celebration Center

Call for Papers

The Utah Open Source Conference is a gathering of prominent Utah computer experts and business people with a common goal of applying open source technologies to create real world solutions.

This conference is looking for presenters who wish to share their experience and/or expertise with the community. Any subject associated with the implementation or use of open source technology is welcome, whether targeted at the business case, the geeks from the computer room, or anywhere in between. We are looking for innovations and solutions that can inspire and encourage others in their application of open source in the real world.

Topic ideas include:

  • Business solutions (process, applications, infrastructure)
  • IT management and implementation
  • Web development
  • Language skills (Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby)
  • Emerging technologies

Presentations should be prepared for a 90 minute class.

All submissions are due by April 30, 2007.

To submit papers for this conference please send an outline to [email protected].

Example Outline:

Title: Leveraging Open Source for Billing Infrastructures
Keywords: Open Source, Billing, Accounting, Finance, Postgres, Perl
Audience: Businesses wishing to learn about a new open source billing system
Overview: Billing is a basic need of every business, but accounting is missing from most programmer's educations. Learn about available tools for the small business that have the right mix of accounting and geek.

The Utah Open Source Conference is shaping up to be the key event for Utah Technology. Whether you are presenting, or simply attending, there will be something for everyone. Learn more at

If you know anybody who would be interested in presenting, please forward this message.

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