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By | 2007/03/09

I have decided that it would be beneficial for all of us to learn more about the applications that we have as part of our Ubuntu / Kubuntu systems. I have primarily focused on general tutorials, although primarily pointed at the Ubuntu gnome community (as that is the desktop I am using), but I would like to be able to expand that. I would like to hear from you on what applications you would like to know more about, what applications you develop and want to bring attention to, etc.

If you are a package maintainer for an application available within the Ubuntu repositories (main restricted universe or multiverse) and would like more people to be aware of your project please let me know. I would accept short writeups along the following outline:

Application Name

Package Name

Basic Package Features

Features you're particularly proud of

The best thing about the open source community that we’re all a part of is that we have access to packages and programs from developers around the world. Everything from text editors to games, browser extensions to system monitoring applications. It’s a worldwide community of free software and I’m sure there is a whole list of applications that most of us don’t even know about. Lets share the knowledge. Education is the key for us in our continued growth.

I hope to hear some application requests from some of you and I’d love to see some package outlines from others. I’ll try to do an application outline roughly once per week.

4 thoughts on “Ubuntu Tutorials : App of the Week

  1. imbrandon

    Wouldent it be better to work with the already existing Ubuntu/Debian Package of the Day ( thats agrogated both on Planet Ubuntu and Debian ) they are always looking for people, help the community, dont seperate them.

  2. Dan Steeves

    NetworkManager is a great little tool, but there needs to be an easier-to-read tutorial on installing (turning off standard mgmt of eth0&1 so NM can take over), Gnome-Keyring integration, and deleting saved profiles & passwords.

    I love Beagle but how do I set up the “right” indexing things, add plugins, and make it work in the deskbar instead of launch from deskbar?

  3. odzaxo

    it seems to me that thre are so many tutorials dealing with “the perfect setup” or how to install ubuntu or how to use your terminal more effectively. though i think these are important, i found almost non that deals with problems that the average, user that had already migrated to ubuntu, and trying to get his machine to work in a satisfactory manner before he can even consider being impressed with the all the advantages linux/ubuntu have to offer. i’m talking about what i consider as basics. for example how to get your UPS working properly, how to deal with burning aps that seems to do only partial work, etc. in general i think that in order for this community to grow it needs to address the problems of more than just the noobs on the one hand and the advanced users on the other.
    thanks for this post i hope it wasn’t meant just for developers…

  4. Huygens

    I agree with imbrandon. As you’re speaking about the “open source community”, I would expect it that such writings should go for the Ubuntu/Debian package of the day 🙂

    In addition, and following one of your past blog. Why don’t you write your tutorials directly in the Community Help (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/) and then advertise each new article with a small excerpt on your blog? So your reader stays happy, and people get to know the community help better 🙂

    Anyway, nice blog and good work! 🙂

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