How To Burn an .ISO image in 3-Clicks (CD or DVD)

By | 2007/03/15

How To Burn An ISO Image : Ubuntu

I was working on a project the other day with a friend and he was having some trouble burning an .iso image of one of the Ubuntu 7.04 Herd releases. He asked me about installing gnomebaker or K3B for burning the image. While I have used both of those programs I found that a disk image can be burned very easily directly from the the file location. Here are a few steps to burning a disk image in three clicks.

  1. First, you’ll need to have a .iso image available for burning. This could be located on your desktop, home folder or I’ve even burned an image using this method over on NFS connection. You’ll also need a blank CD or DVD in the drive.
  2. Once you’ve selected your disk image you can right-click the .iso file and select “Write to disk…” (two clicks)
  3. This will open a dialog box letting you verify the disk type, size and burn speed. If all is correct (which it normally is) you can click Burn. Sit back and relax. Your disk will be finished in just a few minutes. (one click)

Done. When finished it’ll ask if you’d like to Eject, Burn Another Copy or if you’re just Done. So very easy.

I find this method much faster and a little more intuitive than the other cd / dvd burning applications. Not to say they aren’t great apps, but if you’re just burning a simple disk image this should be a bit faster. I’ve also had far fewer coasters using this method than I have with the others.

38 thoughts on “How To Burn an .ISO image in 3-Clicks (CD or DVD)

  1. rjc

    $ wodim image.iso

    You can’t get any faster than this.


  2. Stefano

    Does wodim work only with cd/dvd writer?
    What if I want to creae an iso file on hdd?

  3. drdaco

    whomever suggested the wodim command thanks!

    for some reason Ubuntu Feisty wouldn’t accept my blank CD…wodim burned it right away. how sweet!

  4. MV

    This does not work if the ISO image file is located in a Samba share.

  5. TanNinety

    Thanks for the tip. I was doing a pptp-linux install on ubuntu and it asked for the gusty gibbon cd which I didn’t have at that moment but had the .iso on the hdd. Right Click/ Write to disc was simple and easy!

  6. clauguia

    Thanks for the tip and for opening the topic. And about rjc reply, thanks very much. I was looking for an easy way of burning cds and dvds iso images in my server, without having to copy to client. It did make the trick and wodim was already installed in ubuntu server, so it was easy.

  7. James

    Amazingly easy to create a bootable CD from an iso image. I admit, I was skeptical, but all I had to do was put a blank CD into my Ubuntu machine’s DVD drive and follow the instructions. Thanks.

  8. said

    Thanks it’s no doubt the fastest way to burn image cd. thanks alot


  9. Max

    Thanks for this. It really helped, I screwed up on a couple other times, and nothing worked after it, so now I have to do this. Thank you!

  10. carib

    This assumes you have a particular burning program installed! When I right Click the ISO file on Windows 2003 Server, There is NO selection for “Write to Disk”

  11. Christer Edwards Post author

    @carib – you realize you’re commenting on a Linux specific site, right? On Ubuntu Linux you don’t need any ‘particular burning software installed’.

  12. H4x0r18

    Awesome dude, thanks. I have been trying to figure this out for sometime. Thanks again.

  13. tommy on hardy

    ive used this method and each time it has failed. am i using the right type of disc( i want an iso of linpus lite, madriva one, and mint linux.) all of which dont work properly when i put the disc in.

    thanks if anyone can help.

  14. WildWeasel

    Does $ wodim image.iso work when burning a dual-layer DVD as well?

    I have been trying to burn a Dual-Layer iso image using Ubuntu Desktop 8.10 and this Dell D820 which is suppose to have Dual Layer DVD writer.

    Thanks for all the tips… good stuff.

  15. ErikB

    On my system, every time I insert a disk it seems to automatic mount the disk. Then the CD is useless. Can you solve that?

  16. Rajkumar

    May be just unmount by right clicking the cd rom and choosing unmount and then write to the disc.

  17. matt mcinvale

    wow, that was a little too easy. my mythbuntu install disk is being processed right now. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. Ashley

    Thanks Rajkumar. You need to unmount the disk image (.iso) then find the icon in the downloads folder. duh.

  19. Rishad

    How to burn ISO Image to DVD on Windblows:

    Move mouse
    Reboot because Windblows has detected that your mouse has moved
    Make coffee and take a nap because reboot could take a while
    Reboot complete – now clean up viruses
    Reboot once or twice again
    Forgotten what I wanted to do anyway. Go and do something else.

  20. Scott

    Useful quick reference. Found you site via Google, and I’m glad that I did. Thanks!

  21. sale666


    I see you have an issue regarding windows I think you should not bash software windows are really amaizing and a lot user friendly for regular people not geeks like us!

    As you know no distribution of linux is able to make games work perfectly like windows and with such detail on graphics!

    As for linux im using ubuntu keramic coala and its really great!
    But i have a dual boot because i love games and i love some software that is windows only!
    just doesnt want to run on linux with wine or any other way!
    I love linux but i dont bash windows cause its a really great os too!

  22. alamedated

    Thanks – It did not work exactly as planned but it was easy enough to get me there.

    Using Mint 12 – right click on file>send to>send>write

  23. Yash Pal

    Thanks for the tip.
    I was checking on net about steps for recording Ubuntu 12.04 to DVD – for a backup copy – when I came across your site. At first I was extremely sceptical, but after running the recorded live DVD (try Ubuntu) all doubts were set at rest.

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