Happy Release Day!

By | 2007/04/19

I wanted to drop in my two-cents about the Feisty release and give a job well done to all developers, testers, etc. This is, again, what looks to be a very solid release and I’m happy to be part of this community.

For those of you that have been trying to download you’ve probably noticed that the mirrors and download links are pretty saturated right now. That is to be expected to some extent but we can each do our part to help. Remember, please, to use bittorrent whenever possible and to keep seeding at the best rate you can afford for as long as you can. My ISP hates me during Ubuntu release weeks because I seed a copy of every iso on every arch for every flavor. Yeah, I manage to pipe out more than my share but its the most I can do for a distribution that has given me and taught me so much.

For those of you that have previous images of Ubuntu Beta or even Herd you can use Jigdo to catch those up to final and start seeding from there.  (The less you need to download the lighter the load on everyone!)  Quick reminder you can find my Jigdo tutorial at that link and try to catch up that way.  I’ll also be available on & off today in #ubuntu-tutorials if you need a little help with getting the jigdo going.

Good thing for ssh so I can access my remote machines (I’m seeding from three locations even now thanks to ssh & rtorrent!) and I’ll continue to do so at least through the weekend.

This release also marks another occasion for me personally, that being two years now with Ubuntu. I first downloaded Ubuntu with the 5.04 release, and did so just days after the final release so this is an anniversary of sorts for me. I can’t believe the progress that has been made since then, both on the software level and on the community level. I’m glad to be part of the Utah Team and the US Teams Project. My favorite part about Ubuntu is the community and I’ll continue to recruit and support it as much as I’m able.

Congratulations again everyone. It’s great to be part of such a great distribution. Share the CD love. Share the word. Ubuntu has done it again!

3 thoughts on “Happy Release Day!

  1. The Net Duck

    Wow two years. I thinks its been around 1 1/2 for me but I still remember the first party we had in your apartment. He he, good times. The whole XGL blew me a away and plus I finally found all of the computer nerds that I was look for.

    Ubuntu forever!

    (Thought I would post that every time 😉 )

    The Net Duck

  2. Stefan

    I can’t find a torrent for the official release. Does anyone know where I can find it? I’d like to put it on my server and seed it for a while.

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