RedHat Certified Engineer

By | 2007/04/20

Just a quick word before I head out to celebrate but I wanted to announce that, after a few weeks of hard study, I have successfully passed the RedHat Certified Engineer exam.  I am very relieved to have that done and out of the way!

I’ve been getting some friendly jabbing from the community so far that I’ve done the RH exam and not the Ubuntu certification, but I’m happy to have done this!

I’ll see everyone back tomorrow at the Utah Team Release Party for Feisty.  It’s going to rock.. and now I have two things to celebrate!

P.S.  I hope everyone is still seeding those Feisty ISOs!

4 thoughts on “RedHat Certified Engineer

  1. Jim Campbell


    As of right now, there are a lot more jobs for Red Hat engineers than Ubuntu engineers (at least in the states), so it makes sense to go for the RHCE cert. 🙂

    You can always get the Ubuntu cert later if you want.

  2. dyrer

    Nice work, congratulations.
    How can i get this certificate too I live in Europe

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