update-pciids – download new version of the PCI ID list

By | 2007/05/08

I’ve been doing some research this week on getting a better, native driver installed for wireless on my MacBook. Some of you may remember my previous post about getting wireless to work under ndiswrapper, which has been working great so far, but I have been hoping for more.

Digging through the Ubuntu Forums today I ran across a command that I never knew about and thought I would share. It’s helpful in finding and recognizing detected pci hardware on your machine. After running it and listing my pci hardware again things are better recognized and with more detail. The command is:


This will, as the title says, download a newer version of the PCI ID list and give you better output on your recognized hardware. This is particularly helpful for those of you that do work with drivers or, in this situation, try to see if your recognized hardware will be compatible with native drivers or not.

I hope to have a write-up done today or tomorrow on wireless support (including WEP/WPA) for a MacBook without using ndiswrapper. w00t! In the meantime check out that command and see the difference. It’s a tiny app, but cool nonetheless.

5 thoughts on “update-pciids – download new version of the PCI ID list

  1. Jimmy Monin

    Actually, the command is “update-pciids”.

  2. Steve Dibb

    Actually, don’t go doing that unless you are having problems with devices not showing up properly, or device issues in general, as it *can* foob up your install if you get an updated ID and something goes wrong.

    It’s a good command for troubleshooting, not tweaking.

  3. Karl Lattimer

    Why don’t you use the madwifi drivers for your macbook? My macbook 13 works fine with them on fedora, still haven’t gotten around to ubuntu-ing my mac.

    I suppose you may have a macbook pro? I’m not sure about the hardware support for that.

  4. GermanyZulu

    Also there is the command:


    for USB Ids.


  5. filter

    Thx for sharing this. Hopefully it will help to fix my probs with a 54MBit PCI-Wlan Card won’t work properly here on my Feisty.

    Just a hint. Get root in a shell and type “update-” and 2 times the tab key. There are more tools like the above mentioned.

    filters 2 cents

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