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By | 2007/05/13

Tonite it’s getting late but I wanted to post something that is useful for quickly getting to the shell from any GUI location. The package nautilus-open-terminal does just what you might guess it does. It allows you to launch a gnome-terminal from a right-click within nautilus.

You might remember I blogged about something similar long-long ago with nautilus scripts.  This is based on the same idea, but now wrapped in a nice shiny deb package.  From the package description:

Nautilus plugin for opening terminals in arbitrary local paths nautilus-open-terminal is a proof-of-concept Nautilus extension which allows you to open a terminal in arbitrary local folders.

To install this quick-launch to the terminal simply run:

sudo aptitude install nautilus-open-terminal

You may need to restart gnome / nautilus for the change to take effect, but afterwards you’ll have a “open terminal” button on your right-click menu anywhere within nautilus or gnome-desktop area.  Enjoy.

34 thoughts on “nautilus-open-terminal : terminal quick launch

  1. Abbas Khan

    How about making nautilus extensible, sort of like firefox, customization is where all the latest software is headed, look at rhythmbox (or songbird), firefox, etc. We need to bring this to nautilus.

    This would allow for a whole new world of enhancements to nautilus.

    1. Sean

      @Abbas Khan: Nautilus is extensible. A developer might have to write some C++, or whatever it's coded in, so in order to to extend it. I guess that extensibility, by nature, kind of goes along with the whole free/open source thing, friend ….

  2. JGJones

    Many thanks for this! It’s what is sorely needed for me too!

    Cheers once again for helping to make our life easier 🙂

  3. Weeber

    I use nautilus scripts for all those things, it’s very useful.

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  5. heroin

    u dont need to restart gnome, just run
    ‘killall nautilus’ it sounds horrible, but just restarts nautilus

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  8. Raphael

    Cool but ..
    isn’t there a quick terminal in ubuntu, that launch a command, unbind it and kills itself ?

    With this plugin, I have several terminals launched and I can’t kill them until the application I’ve launched it them are done.

  9. sanghamitra

    This doesnt work in the Trash folder

  10. Muhammad Basit

    how i can use terninal to compile java files on ubuntu. pls reply soon i am a new user of ubuntu

  11. Flapping R3tard

    Muhammad Basit : Ask on the Ubuntu forums, you'll get loads of help there. Have you searched the forums yet?

  12. michael

    Thanks! This comes pre-installed in OpenSUSE, which I tried out briefly before returning to Ubuntu…

  13. Kai Ponte

    Excellent! I had something like this in KDE 3.x and was missing it after switching to Ubuntu (and Gnome).

  14. Galans

    hey, this is an awesome tool. I also wonder: what did you do to turn nautilus into that dark grey theme? Can you give us, so we can give it a try?

  15. Ian

    Thanks for a useful post, the gnome documentation gives no clues about installing the extension.

  16. Pavol

    After installing this package in Ubuntu 10.10 when I want to open nautilus, it opens terminal instead. I uninstalled this package but nothing changed. Any idea how to fix this?

  17. Mile

    Thanks! Just, instead of aptitude I’ve used apt-get.

  18. Chirag Vora

    Is there any way to associate terminator (terminal emulator) to this Nautilus “Open Terminal Here”.
    that is to say when do right click–>>open terminal here>>> instead on default terminal an installed terminal emulator should open

  19. Roopa

    i think the command is wrong. sudo aptitude install nautilus-open-terminal for this i am getting a msg “command not found”.. the correct command sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal

  20. dgermer

    you probably did not have aptitude installed. in the last release of ubuntu aptitude was dropped in favour of the ubuntu software center frontend and the basic apt-get utilities.

  21. junior1044

    Esse erro é simplesmente erro de dependência não resolvida e para deixar normal abra o synaptic e clique em recarregar, Depois atualiza os repositórios ( sudo apt-get update !

  22. junior1044

    nossa , desconsiderem essa mensagem acima . por um descuido postei no lugar errado !!!

  23. junior1044

    sudo aptitude install nautilus-open-terminal or sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal

  24. Stretch

    Is there any way to change which terminal program it opens?

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