Congratulations Are In Order

By | 2007/05/15

We had some really great news this morning on the US Teams front.  Both a new approved member (well deserved!) and a newly approved US Team.  I want to welcome both to the club and hope to see everyone keep up the fantastic work.

DC Team – Congratulations.  From the looks of things you’re doing a great job out there.

Nick (boredandblogging) from the Georgia US Team was also approved this morning for Ubuntu Membership.  Welcome to the club buddy.  I do appreciate you putting together a meet when I was out there recently.  It sounds like you’re working hard out there and for Ubuntu in general.  Your work is very appreciated.

As usual, if you’re enjoying Ubuntu as much as the rest of us in the US we’d really appreciate your participation in the US Teams project.  There is plenty of work to go around, all depending on how much you want to take on.  I’ll tell you it is very rewarding work and I’ve never enjoyed anything more in my life.  Check out the US Teams Wiki for more information.

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