Thoughts on the Ubuntu Live Conference…

By | 2007/06/03

I got another email reminder yesterday from O’Reilly about the nearly expired early-bird discount for Ubuntu Live registration.  I knew I had been putting things off so I head over to the registration site to get things taken care of.  The site is very clean, easy to navigate and the information was all readily available.  No concerns there.  The only concern I had / have is the cost.

I don’t know what others think about it, but even with the 35% discount, early-bird special and travel it is too much for a three day conference.

I should mention that I *really* want to go.  I almost feel obligated to go as someone that does so much with the Ubuntu Community, but I can’t rationalize the price for the time.

What are you thoughts on Ubuntu Live?  Are you going? Do you think the price is reasonable?  I’d like to hear others thoughts…

9 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Ubuntu Live Conference…

  1. David T

    I would love to go too, but unless I can get my company to pay for it, I will not be there. To bad.

  2. Vorian

    I *really* want to go too. I have to agree that for a 3 day conference, it’s too much money to make it worth the cost.

    Anyway, Have fun Christer. Get a signature and picture or two for me. 🙂

  3. Weeber

    There’s a guy on the planet ubuntu that posted some coupons that discount de price of the Ubuntu Live conference.

  4. Ed Ad

    The price is also turning me of. It would make Ubuntu more expensive for me than all Micro$oft Windows version together.

  5. jh

    The price is expensive.. but I’ve had companies pay similar costs for major conferences myself in the windows world.

    I guess that this, sadly, is the price of success.

    Remember, conferences like this aren’t for hobbyists or public users. They’re for professionals who can get their companies to pay for it.

  6. Matthew East

    “I almost feel obligated to go as someone that does so much with the Ubuntu Community”

    No need to feel like that – if all the significant contributors to the Ubuntu project went to this conference, and other conferences, it would be a cast of thousands.

    It’s nice to attend conferences, but if you can’t manage it, then your contributions are not going to be valued any less. I myself have never been to an Ubuntu developer conference, although I’d like to, it’s just never been possible.


  7. harlem

    Yup, the price is way out of my league and I even live in the area. I have been to conferences that cost a third of that though to be fair I’ve also been to conferences that were double the cost as well. Of the conferences that I have been to the content of each were about equal, so I cannot gauge any reason the price would be so high. It also happens to be right as the summer is about to start in North America and it might be great for the international crowd it is not so good for homeboys like me.

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