Quick Update

By | 2007/06/17

I have gone a little longer than I had planned without posting so I’m here to drop a quick update on what is in the works…

First, I’m leaving for Boston for the week in a few hours.  If there are any fellow Ubuntu users that would like to meet up for dinner or something Mon – Thur let me know (email or drop a comment).  I’d love to get some suggestions on good eateries and have some good dinner company.

Second, version 0.2 of the Folding @ Home automation project will be due out Tuesday.  Look for that if you’re interested in helping the folding project or have had trouble with my original script.  I have worked out quite a few bugs in this release.

Third, if all goes well I hope to have my “Installing Ubuntu on a Macbook” tutorial complete.  It is very comprehensive, borrows from many sources and (hopefully) should become a one-stop-shop for all Ubuntu-on-Macbook needs.  Fingers crossed I can get it out this week.  It has been a few weeks in the making.

Off to get ready for the trip.  See ya’ll on the other side…

2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. COD

    I’ll be in Boston – given your date range I assume you are at Enterprise 2.0? You’ll be able to find me at the Techdirt pod.

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