Folding @ Home : Deployment Script Updated v0.2

By | 2007/06/18

Please consider downloading the latest version of folding instead.

Based on some more testing and user feedback I’ve done some bug squashing in my Folding @ Home deployment script. Attached are the updated v0.2 files.



A few things to consider:

If you want to install the Folding @ Home client on your (single) machine unpack the archive and simply run:

chmod u+x

sudo ./

If you want to deploy the Folding @ Home client across multiple machines in your network run:

chmod u+x

sudo ./

note: the deployment script connects as the root user. You may need to temporarily activate the root user on Ubuntu networked machines for it to work properly.

4 thoughts on “Folding @ Home : Deployment Script Updated v0.2

  1. Kaobear

    Just a little note.

    The user has to chmod +x the file.

    It isn’t hard to do, you should just let people know before the hate mail starts.

  2. Ivo Sarak

    You should fetch the finstall from and not from The is the main machine carrying the finstall script. The should forward any connection attempts to, but it has failed to do that on couple of occasions.

  3. Ubuntu Tutorials

    Ivo – I have updated the script based on your suggestion. Thank you. It will be available as of the next release.

  4. Ivo Sarak

    I see that you have your own set of service installers, but is there a reason not to use the installService/uninstallService scripts provided by the finstall itself?

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