Ubuntu Tutorials : Now openID enabled

By | 2007/07/08

Big thanks to Aaron over at pthree.org for helping me set up openID for this blog.  If you have an openID account this is now one more site on a growing list that you’ll have easier ID access to. Although it isn’t technically Ubuntu related / specific I do plan on outlining how to setup openID for your blog (WordPress).

In any event, if you don’t yet have an openID, head on over to MyOpenID and register for free.  Or choose from a long list of providers here.

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu Tutorials : Now openID enabled

  1. Thomas Huhn

    As far as I can see, your OpenID implementation seems to work great.
    Thanks for your submission to “The OpenID Directory“.
    BTW: You can let your readers vote for your site and claim ownership at the same time. If you have not registered your site yourself, claiming ownership enables you to to make changes to your description, thumbnail etc. any time you like :).
    Keep up the good work!
    Thomas Huhn

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