A Few GNOME Easter Eggs

By | 2007/07/09

Hey you! Hit ALT-F2 in your gnome desktop and type ‘free the fish’.

Trust me.

It’s ok. It won’t break your machine. I promise. C’mon!

Now you’ve got company on your desktop with Wanda the fish. Try clicking on Wanda and see what happens. Cool little easter egg in GNOME there.

…or try ALT-F2 and use ‘gegls from outer space’ for a bit of gnome gaming fun.

Thought you all might enjoy that. Better go, Wanda is chasing my cursor right now and don’t want her to catch up.

To get rid of Wanda see the comments section below.

19 thoughts on “A Few GNOME Easter Eggs

  1. Philip

    Couldn’t resist of course. Now I’d
    like to know how to kill the fish!

  2. Christer Edwards

    Philip – the only way I know of to kill the fish is to ‘killall gnome-panel’ or login / logout.

  3. Anonymous

    Indeed. How do you kill wanda?

  4. pejcao

    Cool!, So how do I kill wanda? LOL

  5. RainCT

    Well, ‘killall gnome-panel’ worked (was not sure if windows and stuff from the notification bar would get again into it, but they did :)).

    Nice post ;P.

  6. Josh

    You can get rid of Wanda by pressing ALT+F2, then “pkill gnome-panel”

    Your panel will disappear for a few seconds and then reload itself. Sometimes it takes more than a few seconds, so be patient.

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  8. MatToufoutu

    you can even try this, stille using alt+F2, type in “free the fish”, and laugh a bit 🙂

  9. VeselaHouba

    Yeah, funny! But after 2 hours I really had to use google to find out how to get rid of Wanda.

  10. ru

    hi try pkill gnome-panel in alt+f2 it kills it but your panel disapears for a bit but ocmes back in 5 seconds or so

  11. :)

    you can just click it and it will go away.

  12. ^_^

    yeah, but if you click it, it’ll just run off the screen and come back again a little later. to get rid of her for good, do the alt-f2 pkill gnome-panel.

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  14. ivo

    A Fish Called Wanda …
    It’s also a comedy of 1988
    Is it a coincidence ?

  15. Scott

    Way funny. I’ll have to get my teacher to try it with his students.

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