Ubuntu Live 2007!

By | 2007/07/20

I’m sitting in the Las Vegas airport right now waiting for my connection to Portland for Ubuntu Live.  I’m stoked man–st0k3d even!  I, of course, plan to blog the hell out of this conference, but before I get that far I wanted to invite anyone that wants to meet up, go out, hang out, hack, and otherwise cause geek-havoc to let me know.  I’m up for it all and I’ll be there all week.  Hit my contact page and we’ll line something up.

See you Sunday!

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu Live 2007!

  1. jimmy

    Hey I am sitting in Orlando waiting to get on to Denver then on to Portland. I am so nervous, anxious, sweaty, etc. – I can hadly stand it. Almost missed my check in time!

    I read most of all of your posts on planetubuntu and look forward to meeting up.

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