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By | 2007/07/24

Well it’s the last day here at Ubuntu Live and things have gotten much more quiet.  Today is limited to the tutorials, which it seems many people opted out of.  I wanted as much geek as I could get, so I’m here for all I can.  Things that I’ve picked up this morning after the “Debian Packaging” tutorial.

  1. Participation in packaging is not nearly as easy as it could be.  One great way that we can make Ubuntu better is by keeping better on top of improving existing packages, but also incorporating new packages.  As if 21,000+ packages were not enough, there is still plenty we can add.  To do this we need more participation, which is not as easy or as clear as it could be.  I’m going to see if I can work with some people on fixing this.
  2. Debian policy and history, while important, make for a confusing tutorial.  I came to the tutorial with packaging questions but, sadly, think I left with even more.  Again, the packaging system (mainly documentation and participation) can be improved upon, and I’m going to see what I might be able to contribute there.

If you would like to participate in packaging leave a comment or send me an email.  If I am able to come up with some kind of step-by-step on participation it would be great to involve as many people as I can in the process.

I’m now preparing for the ‘dash & bash’ tutorial on scripting.  Hopefully I learn some cool new tips here.. and learn to maybe clean up some of my scripts 🙂

7 thoughts on “Ubuntu Live 2007 : Tutorials

  1. qhartman

    I’ve been half-heartedly attempting to get into packaging, if for no other reason than to more fully understand dpkg and apt and whatnot. I’ve consistently run into exactly the sort of roadblocks you mention and have lacked the time or mental wherewithal to get around them. I’d be keenly interested in participating in this effort, both as a “clean slate” test subject of sorts, and to aid in the technical writing aspect of it. I’ve been told I’m good at that.

  2. nixternal

    If I can do packaging, then anyone can. In order to understand packaging, the first thing you really need a grasp of is compiling your own software first and foremost. Knowing the little ins-and-outs help tremendously.

    As for documentation, I use the Debian New Maintainer’s Guide, the Debian Developers reference, and the Ubuntu Packaging Guide. All 3 of these guides have more than enough information to get you started.

    I do recommend you read the Debian guides first, even if you skim through them.

    Documentation can always be added upon, and that is what we have started doing with the wiki pages for MOTU. There is a recipes page that now lists some of the common tasks, and hopefully that will keep growing. However, the current documentation on both Debian and Ubuntu sides are great. Can they be better? Of course.

    Packaging isn’t always the easiest, as is compiling your own software. Common knowledge of some programming languages is not always required, but it is great if you know some. It requires time and patience, which I seem to be limited with here recently 🙂

  3. Jason Brower

    I would love some help learning how to package. Especially with my work with Pystart, my google summer of code project. Don’t be scared to add me to your chat too. I would love to help in any way I can.

  4. Alex Mayorga Adame

    There a couple of things I’d like to see packaged and if I can help I’ll gladly do. Please add me in.
    Thanks in advance.

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