The Move To Gutsy : Day 1

By | 2007/07/26

Attending Ubuntu Live this last week really inspired me to take a look at my community contributions and see what I can improve on.  One of the areas that I would like to improve on is bug testing and development contributions.  The first way I want to do this is testing and reporting for Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy”.

So, I have upgraded my machine and will be posting updates both here and to launchpad.  While Gutsy is still in alpha we still have enough time to make changes and improve on the most critical things.  By the time it gets to Beta and release client in many cases it is too late.

If you know what you are doing (not afraid of the command line and have a fallback machine if needed), you can use the following command to safely upgrade your machine to Gutsy.  REMEMBER, GUTSY IS STILL ALPHA SO DON’T EXPECT A LOT OF SUPPORT DURING THIS TIME.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, BUT KNOW THAT YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS AT THIS POINT ARE CRITICAL.

ALT-F2: gksudo "update-manager -c -d"

Good luck, please post any oddities to, and we’ll see you in October with a final product!

10 thoughts on “The Move To Gutsy : Day 1

  1. Mikey Cooper

    I blew away my Feisty install and threw Gutsy Tribe 3 on it over the weekend, hoping it might improve my computer’s ability to suspend. While acpi still seems broken, I have otherwise found Gutsy to be remarkably stable, especially for something tagged “Alpha”. It seems to play much nicer with most of my hardware (picks up my 1440×900 resolution automatically, my wireless mouse works out of the box, etc). Good luck!

  2. finalbeta

    I upgraded my laptop (dell inspiron 8200).
    Gutsy at least boots now. In Feisty the laptop did not boot due to libata issues. (reported in beta but never fixed)

    At this moment the upgrade was worth it, even if it is only for
    + Rhythmbox finally providing cross fading. Now add equalising and we can call it a music player.

    – udev takes up 100% cpu continually
    – most of my applets crash after logging in.
    – The the actual login window defaults to the standard for gnome as some files seem to be missing.
    – Hibernation no longer works

    That’s all I found wrong with it for now. So if you are planning an upgrade, be prepared to report bugs. Lets get to it 🙂

  3. Doug

    Don’t you have to change “feisty” to “gutsy” in /etc/apt/sources.list first?

  4. Ubuntu Tutorials

    Doug – no. The -c -d are ‘check’ and ‘distribution’ so it’ll scan for a new distribution releases without having to update sources list. If you decide to go through with the update update-manager will change the file for you.

  5. Doug

    Well I ran it with -c -d and it just said my system is already up to date. I found others who said the same thing on the ubuntu forums.

    So I changed feisty to gutsy in the sources.list, then ran “sudo apt-get update” and “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” and everything worked fine.

  6. TorenC

    You know, I also get the “already up to date” when i run update-manager with -cd… weird.

  7. StephenM

    Here are my results…

    stephen@stephen-desktop:~$ sudo -i
    root@stephen-desktop:~# update-manager -c -d
    current dist not found in meta-release file

  8. John

    root@stephen-desktop:~# update-manager -c -d
    current dist not found in meta-release file

    same thing happened to me.

  9. Ubuntu Tutorials

    Sorry guys, I tried this myself and I realize my mistake. Once Gutsy is final that command will work, but until then its still not a final release and you will have to update your sources list.

    s/feisty/gutsy/ and then try the command. You may have to click “check” after launching the update-manager, but it’ll cleanly upgrade you.

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