The Move To Gutsy : Day 2

By | 2007/07/28

I’ve got a quick update tonite concerning coming into day 2 of using Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy”.  A few things that I’ve found so far…

  1.  I recently checked out the AllPeers extension for Firefox.  It’s apparently broken in Gutsy.  I’m sure it might be made to work, but the best I could do was launch Firefox in safe mode (firefox -safe-mode) and disable / uninstall the AllPeers extension.
  2. My machine now gives a beep when I close the lid.  I think I like it–it isn’t outright annoying… yet.
  3. Everything seems to be in working order outside of the above changes.

I’ll have another tutorial coming up soon.  Forgive me for being lax on them.  I’ve been at OSCON / vacation 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Move To Gutsy : Day 2

  1. Igor


    Do you have video playback?

    Or, this issue is only in my Core 2 Duo machine?

  2. Freddy Martinez

    AllPeers has been broken on and off for a while in Ubuntu. I think the issue is different versions of the same libraries being used to build AllPeers that aren’t compatible with Firefox. The Mozilla Team has made attempts to work with the developers upstream.

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