Automatix Supported Alternatives : Burning and Ripping

By | 2007/08/06

I’m going to take this series on supported Automatix replacements one “section” at a time. If I spread it our per single application we’d be here forever. So, starting with the Automatix – Feisty list I’ve started with the first section, “Burning and Ripping” and here are supported alternatives to the same.

These lists apply to Feisty and above.

Burning and Ripping

  • Brasero (Advanced and user-friendly CD burning tool for Gnome) : requires universe

sudo aptitude install brasero (or Applications > Add / Remove > "Search" Brasero)

  • Gnomebaker (The best GTK2 CD/DVD burning software) : requires universe

sudo aptitude install gnomebaker (or Applications > Add / Remove > "Search" Gnomebaker)

  • k9copy (KDE based DVD backup software) : requires multiverse

sudo aptitude install k9copy (or Applications > Add / Remove > "Search" k9copy)

  • StreamTuner and StreamRipper (Internet Radio Client & Ripper) : requires universe

sudo aptitude install streamtuner streamripper (or Applications > Add / Remove > "Search" streamtuner, streamripper)

  • DVD Ripper (a GTK based DVD ripping software) : requires multiverse

sudo aptitude install dvdrip (or Applications > Add / Remove > "Search" dvdrip)

This application is no longer in development. It is suggested to use k9copy (above).

Feisty was a definite improvement and lessened much of the appeal on Automatix. The above list, again coming directly from the Automatix page, are all directly available via the Ubuntu repositories. Some are packaged by and limited to support by the community, but still supported nonetheless. Tomorrow I will try and tackle “Chat Clients”.

9 thoughts on “Automatix Supported Alternatives : Burning and Ripping

  1. LuptinPitman

    Most people will probably need info on how to install AUD-DVD Codecs, Flash Player, MPlayer and FF Plugin, Mutimedia Codecs, Sun Java 1.6 JRE, and Google Earth/Picasa. All the rest of the stuff is pretty straight forward I think.

  2. XioNoX

    There are DVD95 in repositories who doo the same job as xDVD Shrink

  3. Igor

    Why the commands are in “bold” and the GUI method is not in bold?

    That tells me “command line is better” and you know that’s not true for most of the people.

  4. rusty

    Just as an observation, .iso images can be burned directly, right click on the icon for the file in Nautalis and select burn to CD. Place a blank disk in the burner and select ‘Ignore’ when prompted about creating a new cd (or dvd), and follow through with the burning software.

    Similarly if you want to create a custom data cd, or even an audio CD, drop a blank disk in the drive, select either data or audio and if you select data a nautalus window will be presented for you to drop your data files, or Serpentine is launched and you add your audio files (ogg, mp3 and wav all work) then once you have added all the files you are interested in, you click on ‘Write to Disk’ in both apps.

    I’ll grant that some of the other tools have additional features, but for fairly simple burning this may be sufficient.

  5. Greg

    Thanks for making these posts.

    I will definitely keep them handy for anyone who says Automatix is their only option.


  6. new back

    Gnomebaker is The best GTK2 CD/DVD burning software? I thought it was Nautilus, because of the superior integration level and usability…

  7. Ubuntu Tutorials

    I agree that the nautilus integrated burner is better–that is strictly what I use to burn .iso files, etc. I simply copied the descriptions from the Automatix site. Not my opinion, it’s theirs.

  8. Yuriy Kozlov

    Are you intentionally excluding components in main and/or installed by default? Because you didn’t mention k3b, an excellent CD&DVD burning and ripping application shipped with Kubuntu, nor nautilus’s burning features mentioned above.

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