Action-crap modems and DSL…

By | 2007/08/16

First, I apologize for not having any tutorials most of this week. Things have been a bit busy in just getting back from a month on the road and I’ve been catching up. I’ll get things going again, I promise.

Last nite I finally got most of my new network figured out (for those that didn’t know, we recently moved into a bigger house). I’ve been spending time replacing the house phone jacks with Cat5 connectors and I’ve ordered a few 10/100/1000 switches from newegg. Those should get here today and then the house’ll run on gigabit-goodness!

The one major problem I’ve had is that I haven’t had to (settle) for DSL in years! In our other house we had Fiber Optic (15M/15M connection), and previous to that it was a 6M/1.5M Cable connection with Comcast. Downgrading to a 1.5M/680K connection with Qworst has been a poor experience. As I usually tell anyone that asks, if you have a choice between Cable and DSL, pick the Cable.

In any event, last nite I hacked the Action-crap DSL modem/router/headache into submission and the bulk of my networking is routing through a Netgear wireless router. I’ll end up chaining the Action-crap to the Netgear and then into the two switches, hopefully by days end.

In the long run I’d like to setup one of my local servers to be the DHCP / DNS / Firewall, but that might have to wait until this weekend or something.

In any event, if you’ve read this far I appreciate it but I really don’t have anything important to say. I’ll get back to the regular tutorials soon… just as soon as the rest of my network is up and reliable.

4 thoughts on “Action-crap modems and DSL…

  1. mjmac

    Where is your new house, if you don’t mind my asking? I currently live in the (far) Northeast, but am considering a move to Qwest country (Denver area). I’m not too happy about the prospect of going back to DSL, either.

  2. Ubuntu Tutorials

    I live in Utah, which actually has really great options for internet connections. We just happened to pick a property in a quiet town and the only option is satellite (yeck!) or DSL, and not even the fast DSL but the 1.5M connection. There are a half-dozen cities in Utah where you can get Fiber Optic from your choice of 3-4 ISPs.

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  4. Jim

    In my experience, Qwest has always been better than Comcast and usually cheaper too. My connection is 7mbps up and 856kbps down. Both are faster than what Comcast offers and it’s $20 a month less. Although if the best you can get is 1.5 then that does suck.

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