Folding v0.4 “Kickstart” Release

By | 2007/08/21

Please consider downloading the latest version of folding instead.

Well according to my records it has been nearly a month since I last updated my folding project. I don’t know if that means it was written well, or if I’ve been neglecting it. In any event I have updated the script based on a user submission and am releasing v0.4, aptly codenamed “Kickstart”. New in this release:

  • Instructions on how to deploy this as part of a kickstart file (often used with RHEL or Fedora).
  • The installer is now ‘aware’ of the kickstart instructions and will cleanup after itself.
  • Code Cleanup (often used to pad any changelog)
  • Cleaned up README
  • Changed naming format from FAH-* to folding.

If you have already used my folding script there is no need to update. For anyone else that would like to deploy Stanfords Folding Client you may want to check this out.

I know its too late to get into Gutsy at this point but I have been very interested in getting this packaged for Ubuntu. I would *love* to be able to ‘sudo aptitude install folding’. Can any of you package gurus email me about this? Thank You.

Downloads available here:



4 thoughts on “Folding v0.4 “Kickstart” Release

  1. alex_mayorga

    In the hopes of avoiding the digg effect on your last post and that you might actually read this comment, it’d be nice if you posted the guide/how-to/link on how to seed Ubuntu.

  2. Ubuntu Tutorials

    sloppygoat – You can use the following few commands to remove what was installed. Perhaps I’ll add an uninstaller to an upcoming release.

    sudo userdel -r folding
    sudo rm -r /var/folding
    sudo rm /etc/init.d/folding

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