Ubuntu Tutorials Donation for July : Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

By | 2007/08/30

As I mentioned nearly a month ago I have decided to donate a portion of the earnings from this site to a Free Software or related project each month.  The first month I pledged to donate 25% of the monies earned, and that I have done.  The first donation has gone to help the EFF help protect our digital rights, and I actually did just a bit over 25%… just to make it a nice round number.

While this was a difficult decision–there are so many projects to donate to–I felt it was a good choice.  I will continue to donate into the future so if you have a project that you feel would benefit please leave a comment.

Also, in an effort to be transparent, and also considering this money was generated by many of you by visiting the site, here are the details:

$100 went to the EFF as a one-time donation.

I will receive the awesome EFF "swat" hat as a gift.   (I'll see about posting a picture when it arrives).

I want to thank everyone for continuing to support this site.  I hope you’ll continue to do so and I hope you agree with the donation decisions.  I know the money comes from many of you taking time to visit the site and I appreciate it.

One thought on “Ubuntu Tutorials Donation for July : Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

  1. Ben

    Why make donations some month go to Net Neutrality / SavetheInternet.com?

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