5 thoughts on “Go Tell Lenovo What Distribution You’d Like On the Thinkpad!

  1. troll

    Argumentum ad populum. Meaningless vote result.

  2. bochecha

    I am a Fedora User, and you know what ? I didn’t vote for Fedora ?

    Why ? Because right before I clicked the “Fedora” option, I saw this one :
    “Anyone that refuses to carry binary-only drivers, so that all others will also benefit, as it will require documented hardware”

    And then I thought “Hey ! What is the most important ? That the ditro I love can beat every other one ? Or that free software wins ?”

    Here is the point : ATI closed drivers suck. Nvidia ones are great, but they are closed-source, and thus not “ethical”. My idea is that my computer should be able to run only free software if I choose to. And this is only possible with fully compatible hardware.

    And really, having a preinstalled distro is nearly as bad as having a preinstall Windows. You know that after 6 months with your brand new DistroX-powered laptop, you’ll just format and then install the new release of “DistroX”. So what was the point with having a preinstalled DistroX over a preinstalled DistroY ?

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