nautilus-image-converter : quickly resize or rotate images within nautilus

By | 2007/09/17

Not too long ago I blogged about the ability to quickly open a terminal session from within nautilus and a handy right-click.  If you missed it you might want to take a look back here.  In today’s post there is a similar very easy way to quickly resize or rotate images with a simple right-click.


To add this functionality we’ll need to install the nautilus-image-converter package:

sudo aptitude install nautilus-image-converter


Before you’re able to use this functionality you’ll need to restart nautilus or simply logout and back in.  You’ll now be able to right-click on any image on your machine and you’ll see two new menu items:

"resize images"

"rotate images"

The options menu that will be presented will give you quite a number of options on rotation direction, resizing, etc.  Give it a quick try, its about as easy as it can get.

20 thoughts on “nautilus-image-converter : quickly resize or rotate images within nautilus

  1. Stani

    I just developed Phatch, a new Photo Batch Processor which easily can convert all your folders of photos recursively. It has a straightforward, but pleasant graphical user interface which also allows drag & drop. It can not just rotate or resize images, but also apply rounded corners, shadows, …

    The website went just online:

    At the bottom you have the “free download” link which will give you a deb installer for Ubuntu.

    This was the thread on the ubuntuforums where it started:

    Give it a try!

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  5. Michael Mc Donnell

    Hi this is a very nice Nautilus script. I’ve discovered a bug though. I think it doesn’t update the exif data concerning orientation correct.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Take a picture with the camera up right (a camera with a gyroscope).

    2. Rotate the picture 90 degrees to make it stand correct.

    3. View the photo with eog (double click it in nautilus should start eog when using Ubuntu)

    It does look correct in Nautilus, but I think that is because it doesn’t use the exif data.

    Thank you improving Nautilus.

    Michael Mc Donnell

  6. Michael Mc Donnell

    Forgot to tell that the picture isn’t rotated correctly when viewing it with eog because of the missing exif data 🙂

  7. brian

    Is there a way to alter the selection of image sizes available in the resize dropdown list? A configuration file somewhere perhaps?


  8. beerfan

    This is near perfect. I was so tired of having to use Gimp to resize photos one by one. Thanks for this!

  9. Manish

    Thank you. I found this very useful. It beats opening up GIMP that’s for sure.

  10. miyami

    I have been looking for this feature for a long time.

  11. Jeepy

    How can I change the ".resized" at least for "-resized" ?

  12. vsimeonof

    thanks man that realy help me very much, its simple, easy i'm glad installing it!:)

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  14. jonathan

    Eh, sorry but this is useless when i still can’t see the real orientation in nautilus. I don’t know what images i have to rotate.

  15. randomGuy42

    Why the heck is it called nautilus-image-converter if it cant convert? Like mark all tga’s right click>convert2jpg….

  16. Kapil Rajesh Pandav

    Great! thanks to Ubuntu & Linux community.

  17. TheCommonMan

    (1) Irfanview – does it *ALL* – run in Wine

    (2) Windows Powertools’ Image Resize – run in Wine. Simple enough even doofus’ could use it. Just right-click image, it offers 3 different resolutions to which resizing is possible and the resolutions themselves are tagged doofus-friendly “email”, “print” etc

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