folding-0.5 “delta” release now available

By | 2007/09/28

Please consider downloading the latest version of folding instead.

After quite a bit more work and some very helpful contributions from members of the community I am releasing folding-0.5 “delta”, the folding @ home automated installer and network deployment project. There are some nice upgrades in this release and the code is much cleaner (thanks goes to Jeff Schroeder for that contribution).

Changes in this release:

  • now supports long and short options for local installation, network deployment, removal or help. (-i|–install, -d|–deploy, -r|–remove, -h|–help respectively).
  • uninstaller (-r|–remove) now included.
  • auto-creation of proper configuration files vs inclusion in the archive.

Items on the pending TODO:

  • menu-based machine selection for network-based deployment.
  • more defensive checks for client.cfg existence, perhaps md5um.
  • compatibility with *BSD families and Darwin/MacOSX.
  • project logo / artwork creation (volunteers?)

Folding is now on Launchpad!

  • future beta builds will be available via bzr.
  • bug reports should be submitted to launchpad.


As usual, if you have a spare machine (it doesn’t matter the speed!) please consider donating unused cpu cycles to medical research. This project will utilize unused cpu cycles on your machine for medical research, yet transparently step aside when you need those cycles again. Best used on servers or desktops, generally not preferred for laptop machines. If you are already running the folding @ home client there is no need to upgrade with this release. folding-0.5 is only needed for new deployments.

For more information please see Folding @ Home at Stanford University.

8 thoughts on “folding-0.5 “delta” release now available

  1. l.e.

    Does this installer set the client up to contribute anonymously?

  2. Ubuntu Tutorials

    @l.e. – actually the default is to use my account, but I suppose I should update it to be anonymous. I hadn’t thought about that, but at the same point I never expected this app to be used as widely as it has turned out.

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  8. henriquemaia

    Thanks a lot for providing such an easy way to install this.

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